HAITI: Militaires d'Haiti (PHOTOS)

Great Website has so many photos....I'll Share some with you....Go here for the rest
Le Président Francois Duvalier
En sa compagnie, son fils Jn. Claude Duvalier,Le Capitaine Garcia Jacques, le Major Claude Raymond & le Lt. Jean Tassy & Maj. John Beauvoir a Fort Dimanche en 1960

Namphy Henry & William Regal (1988)
Photo Courtesy John-Pierre Cloutier
Lt. Gen. Namphy Gen. Williams "Bill" Regala in background, summer 1988. The nickname "Bill" Was Used by U.S. intelligence operatives posted in Haiti at the time. The elections were to be the first to be held under the sway of the 1987 Constitution. Members of an industry hostile to these games have intervened violently in the morning of the elections in slaying of voters in the polling stations in Port-au-Prince and a Dominican journalist who tried to film the event. At midday, the CNG decreed the cancellation of the elections.


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