Art is etched in all cultures. However, Haiti is uniquely positioned to become the art capital of the western hemisphere. Most recently, a devastating earthquake changed Haiti’s landscape and its people forever. Although the earthquake has taken the lives of thousands, the Haitian people live on with strength and dignity all while cultivating its fundamental cultural value. Cries for help in Haiti were loud and clear after the earthquake. The response from the world was felt throughout the corridors of Haiti. Nevertheless, two years later Haiti needs help in a different way; it needs investment in world-class facilities that will bring focus on all levels. Enigma Performing Arts Center will occupy 10 to 15 acres of land approximately 20 minutes away from Port-au-Prince International airport.

​The center will be privately managed, administered with local staff and protected by EPAC security personal comprised of off duty police officers and professionally trained sercurity personnel. The architecture of the center is designed by World-renowned pritzker prize winning Architect Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo Associates. The design will be modern and culturally conscious, yet secure enough to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The Performing Arts Center will consist of:​

  • 2500-seat state of the art concert hall
  • State of the art convention center
  • 500-seat theatrical theater
  • Classical Hall
  • Contemporary performance space
  • Cafeteria/Food courts
  • Artist Studio
  • Rehearsal space/studios
  • TV Studio
  • Set Shop
  • School For The Performing Arts
  • Two restaurants
  • Outdoor plaza
  • Gift shop
  • Private parking
  • Three movie theater
  • Art Gallery
  • Art Salon
READ MORE: ON THERE WEBSITE http://www.epachaiti.org/


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