Révocation des maires de l’Artibonite

Moise Charles Pierre, the President of the National Federation of Haitian Mayors (FENAMH) said Thursday at a news conference, that 3 mayors had received letters from the Departmental Office informing them that they have been removed from office, and have been replaced. They are Marc André Dubois (commune of Ennery), Alexy Fortuna (Estère), and Mr. Brunel Joseph Métayer (Anse-rouge) from the cartel of magistrates of the city of Jacmel.

According to available information, these dismissals were related to the "mismanagement" of 2 million gourdes, during the Carnival activities. However, for deputy Romial Smith, President of the Commission "interior and local governments" of the Chamber of Deputies, it would be Georges Racine, the Secretary of State of the Interior that would be responsible for this wave of dismissals...

"The appointment of new mayors in the municipalities is a violation of the agreement, and contrary to the Constitution, which requires that an elected replaces an elected", and denounced the President of the FENAMH, who stated that the Minister of the Interior, Thierry Mayard-Paul "had promised at a previous meeting, that only an elected would replace another elected."

Following the new appointments, Deputy Smith Romial, who.... in the same sense as Moise Charles Pierre stated: "We do not recognize the authority of these latter mayors. It is necessary to replace an elected with an elected."

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