President Michel Martelly visited Gonaives following the burning of municipal market in this city

Port-au-Prince, Sunday, May 22, 2011: The President of the Republic, Mr. Joseph Michel Martelly, visited Gonaives on Sunday 22 May, accompanied by the Director General of Police Nationale d'Haiti (PNH) Mario Andresol, to inquire personally of the situation, forty-eight hours after the fire that ravaged the municipal market of the City of Independence.

The Head of State who was on this occasion, accompanied by Senator the department of South-East, Edo Zenny, was greeted at the Departmental Directorate of Police by the Divisional Commissioner Jean Claude Young and Senator of the Artibonite Youri Latortue. Mr. Martelly told that to police and judicial authorities of the department that the investigation of this case should be resolved.

Speaker Joseph Michael Martelly urged everyone to play its role in the machinery of justice to punish those responsible for the fire. He invites those who have information to provide it to managers. Insisting that a safety climate should be established in the country, the Head of State said that this issue should serve as a signal to deter criminals. "The state has no means to recapitalize to every disaster. Everyone must take responsibility to prevent the bandits to act with impunity," the President said.

The Departmental Director of the Police supported the thesis of arson and promised, on behalf of the police institution, that justice is done.

The Government Commissioner, Mr. Mesack Philogène, said for his part that people have been interviewed as part of the case and that justice has trails that can secure the help conduct a successful investigation.

The Head of State then went on foot to the local market completely destroyed by fire. All the way, hundreds of people demanding justice for victims.

President Martelly has used his visit to Gonaïves to participate in local departmental delegation at an important meeting with all local and provincial authorities and representatives of MINUSTAH. The meeting, attended by members of Civil Protection and Regional Directors of several public institutions, particularly aimed at taking stock of provisions to be taken in view of the rainy season. The President wanted to ensure that the city of Gonaives is particularly suitable to address this tumultuous period of the year.

The regional leaders attending the meeting reported the operation of the Departmental Committee of Managing Risks and Disasters (CDGRD) and other structures such as the contingency plan municipal, departmental contingency plan, the evacuation plan Gonaives to temporary shelters and early warning system. In particular, they expressed their fears about the spread of Cholera.

The Departmental Coordinator of Civil Protection, Gérarda Elysee, speaking in the circumstances, has placed particular emphasis on the difficulties confronting its structure as part of its mission.

The head of state never misses an opportunity to take sides in favor of the population and will put its weight behind ensuring the rule of law, justice for all and protecting lives and property.

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