Haiti - Politic : "Baby Doc" and "Titid", Martelly talks about reconciliation and amnesty

In the political landscape of the new Government, the President Michel Martelly, will have to take into consideration one day or the other the presence of these two ex-President returned from exile Jean-Claude Duvalier (aka "Baby Doc") and Jean-Bertrand Aristide (aka "Titid"). What is his position on these two former presidents ?

The President Martelly Michel points out first that "The Constitution of Haiti does not provide exile [...] they are in their country and I say them welcome. If they had problems or have acted improperly in the past, this is about justice, before specifying the positions of his government and his own on this topic [...] we preach the reconciliation and the inclusion, this is not a question to advocating an ideology. My government has a plan for the future, I always avoided to plan on the past [...] we will not take any hasty decisions but the tendency want that I consider the amnesty and clemency, so that we can look ahead and not the past. But, we must always consider the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes"

A position which, without any doubt will spark strong reactions among the Haitian victims of the Duvalier regime [while waiting the complaints from victims of the Aristide regime], who have fled their country during the years "Baby Doc" [1971-1986], while they now try to organize with the support of the human rights organizations to judge the former President Duvalier.

"I would simply say, that we will be able to possibly think to the amnesty, insofar as those who were injured in the past, understand the need of the reconciliation. Before reaching that point, it is necessary to make an awareness work and of comfort to understand the victims and to respect their feelings" concluded President Martelly.


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