Haiti: Final Results of Elections to be Announced

Haiti´s Provisional Electoral Commission will announce on Wednesday the final results of the general elections, a month after they took place on March 20.

Attention is now focused on candidates for Parliament, because the presidency is considered sure to go to the representative of the Peasant Response Party, Michel Martelly, after his rival, former first lady Mirlande Manigat, decided not to challenge the vote count.

The preliminary results, made public on April 4, declared Martelly the winner of the election with 67 percent of the vote. On Tuesday, the popular singer began carrying out his first tour in the United States as president-elect.

The candidates to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies submitted more than 70 recount requests to the Electoral Commission, a situation that forced the delay of the date of the publication of the elections´ results, scheduled to be announced on April 16.

The publication of the results will put an end to one of the longest and most troubled election processes in Haitian history, marked by detected frauds, violence, a widespread crisis and a cholera epidemic that killed nearly 5,000 people.


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