Haiti: February 7 or 14 May: what's the difference?!

The disturbing, tragic departure of Rene Preval as a long sob is played, is shrinking ... Is that in Haiti, the orderly transfer of power, peacefully, without interruption is an acrobatic exercise. In 2000, despite the contested presidential and legislative elections, Rene Preval had pulled it off under the compassionate gaze of the international community.

he result today is disconcerting: a time bomb. Increasingly expanded and combative, the group of twelve and others (including Lavalas who was excluded) seeking the annulment of elections and the formation of a consensus government on February 7, red choruses of the past and the past. The international community, with the controversial report of the OAS, strongly supports the classification Mirlande Manigat Michel Martelly in the second round. After? Afterwards, we'll see ...

The departure "constitutional" and decried the very pathetic president on February 7 (yesterday still "spoiled" by foreign diplomats who had exhumed in 2005 in Marmelade), as the formation of a power transition and the extension until 14 May, as the holding of the second round, is worth its weight in gold at this juncture marked by a deafening end of term nightmare. The truth is that the flexibility of a power caught between the anvil of the international community and the hammer of the domestic opposition has, since the earthquake of 12 January and the elections of 28 November 2010 much tighter. The give-and-blackmail (second round-May 14) of the international community or the call for the cancellation of elections to form a consensus government? Irreparable damage? Not sure!

Then go for a fight!

It is, as expected, within the international community that the programmatic schedule of opponents in the second round so far unable to prevail. But obviously, the most dangerous is to come: nor that "precipitate" (February 7 or later) Ti Rene, nor the organization of the second round are sure and certain. Why not see for the international community obsessed with the second tower attached to Rene Preval on May 14 an ally of circumstance? Who knows, tomorrow, if the answer will not come from the street?

Only home telling the critical mass of enemies of continuity, although unfit to manage alone, the bewildering challenges of democratic transition and reconstruction.

What characterizes the crisis of succession now is probably a crisis of poor governance including presidential. But the painful question of foreign interference or false trust, to quote Michele Oriol, be it conceived as an inherent part of the bankruptcy or dependence of our country, the fervor of the democratization process initiated after the 'departure voluntary "Jean-Claude Duvalier February 7, 1986, was horribly amplified at all levels. For a people so hurt, mad with grief, marginalized by poverty and despair, paralyzed by the laxity of the lifeguard Montana, get wasted. So for the people of unemployed youth in the bay, is there a difference between February 7 and May 14, 2011? This is perhaps even clearer in the political class. And civil society, the business sector?


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